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Officers 2018-19

Officers 2018 – 2019



W.Bro. Alex Richards

Worshipful Master

W.Bro. Michael Hogg

Founder – PM 6112; PPGStdB; (SWED) 

Senior Warden 


Bro. Terry Clark

Junior Warden


W.Bro. Martin Strong

Founder – PM 3861; PPGSuptWks 


Bro. Richard Price


W.Bro. Tony Parker

Founder – PM 1899; PProvSGD 


W.Bro. Ron Spencer

Founder – PM 1899; PPADC 

Director of Ceremonies

W.Bro. Andrew Bradley

Founder; PM 1899 


W.Bro. David Owen

Founder – PM 7897; PPJGW (Essex) 

Charity Steward

W.Bro. Michael Hogg

Founder – PM 6112; PPGStdB; (SWED) 

Lodge Mentor

W.Bro. Mark Davis

Senior Deacon

W.Bro. Alvin Finch

PM 5787

Junior Deacon


W.Bro. Richard Morrell

PM 1899; PProvGStdB

  Asst. Dir. of Ceremonies


W.Bro. Brian Franklin

Founder – PM 917; PPGOrg; LGR 


W.Bro. Neil Harvey 

Founder – PM 9268; PProvSGW; LGR 

Assistant Secretary

Bro. Steve Sutton

Inner Guard

Neil Obler


Colin Dippie


Nathan Prince




W.Bro. David Whyatt

PM 1899


W.Bro. Roger Jones

Founder – PM 1899; PProvJGD 

Royal Arch Representative

W.Bro. Stephen Richards

PM 1366; PProvGDC (Brittany)

Immediate Past Master 

W.Bro. Stephen Richards

PM 1366; PProvGDC (Brittany)

Kindred Lodges Representative

Other Founders in the Lodge

W.Bro. David Matthews

Founder – PM; PPGReg (Surrey)

W.Bro. Neil Harvey

Founder – PM; PAGDC

  W.Bro. Alan Beavis; OBE  

Founder – PM 5052; PPGReg(Glous)  

W.Bro. Ken Cook

Founder – PM; PPGReg 


W.Bro. Roger Jones

Founder – PM 1899; PProvJGD